Learn to Groom Your Own Cat

Learn to Groom your Own Cat

tick Learn to trim, groom and bathe your own cat in a way to suit their coat type and personality.

Save your self grooming and vets fees by learning to groom your own pet.


In Half a Day, You will cover appropriate for your cat:

  • Basic health and safety for you and your cat during grooming, using the appropriate personal protective equipment and hygiene.
  • Health Check your cat, recognising changes in the body or external foreign bodies.
  • Brushing and Combing correctly for the coat type and character of your cat.
  • Wet and Dry bathing and Drying techniques using the correct shampoos and conditioners.
  • Learning styling techniques appropriate for your cat. Clipping, scissoring and shaping.
  • Handling your cat during grooming and promoting it as a pleasurable process for you both
  • Groom Your Own Cat – Half a Day: ONLY £75 + the cost of your cat
Cat grooming


Watch our Videos –  How to groom your own cat

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I signed up for the half day groom your own cat course and am so glad I did because Heidi and Kay were fantastic! They were friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend this course to all cat owners.

Speedy had knots and matting in her fur and I learnt the best technique to brush them out, how to clip her nails and how to hold her during her groom. I was amazed at how much Speedy enjoyed it – at home she would run and hide!

The course was worth every penny, I am confident enough to do future grooms and will save a small fortune on  professional grooming fees. I have already put the skills I learnt into practise with my other cat, and correct technique and confidence turned a usually stressful experience into an enjoyable one.
Thank you Heidi, Kay and the team!

Speedy’s coat is still looking great and the tip about keeping the cats on one surface for a few mins really worked!

Many thanks and best wishes
Georgina and Speedy