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On this page you can find out more about the cat grooming techniques we use, how they can benefit you and your cat and the results you can expect.

Cat Grooming Services

Our cat grooming has gotten so popular, why? Because cats need to be cared for despite their reputation of being amazingly independent animals.

We cater for all breeds and types. The techniques and styles below may be modified to suit your pet’s requirements. This may be determined by your personal request or by your pet’s coat condition, health, temperament, or behaviour.

All cats will receive the required nail trimming as well as free eye and ear cleaning.

Did you know? Regular grooming will save you money on vet fees as it stimulates the skin, the largest organ in the cat’s body.

Appointment times are:   9:30am – Pick up 12:30pm   or   1:00pm – Pick up 4:00pm  – Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

It’s not true that cats groom themselves to keep their coats in good condition, they do it because they are reassuring themselves with self-licking. Self-licking applies a lot of saliva onto the coat and with the rogue tongues of cats, can take out dead hair and cause your cat uncomfortable hairballs.

Wet and Dry Bath

Eradicates parasites, reduces moulting, reduces matting.
Degreases and reduces fur balls and includes a conditioning.
Videos on this page.

From £65 Inc VAT

Groom Out

Reduces and removes matting, reduces moulting.
Reduces fur balls and keeps hygiene areas clean.
Videos on this page.

From £65 Inc VAT

Body Clipping/Lion Trims

Eradicates parasites, reduces moulting, reduces matting.
Degreases and reduces fur balls and includes a conditioning.
Videos on this page.

From £90 Inc VAT

Panel and Sanitary Trim

Reduces and removes matting underneath. Reduces moulting
Reduces fur balls and keeps hygiene areas clean
Makes for easier maintenance

From £65 Inc VAT

Cat Flea Bath

Flea baths
Clean your cat of fleas
A healthy cat is a happy cat

Additional £20 Inc VAT+

Cat Walk-in Nail Trimming

Keep your furniture, family and cat safe
More comfortable for the cats
Quick and easy

From £20 Inc VAT

Cat Knot and Matt Removal

More common in outdoor cats.
Prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching the skin.
Can become painful or uncomfortable for cats.

Additional £20 Inc VAT+

Groom Your Cat

Learn how to keep your maintained between visits.
Learn what goes into keeping your cat healthy.
Bond with your cat.

Price: 75+ plus cost of cat Inc VAT

Our Cat Grooming Gallery

Here you can view pictures of…
Cats we have groomed over the years.
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Booking Requirements

We can only groom so many cats per day as it is a time-consuming service. For health and safety reasons, we need two people present for cat grooming.

Cat grooming appointments require a £20 deposit on booking your cat, which is non-refundable. The deposit is also non-transferable unless the appointment is changed 48 hours prior to the booking time.

There is a £65 minimum charge for cat grooming.

For reasons of health and safety –

  • All cats will have nails cut prior to grooming
  • Cats showing signs of aggression will not be bathed
  • Cats showing signs of aggression will be muzzled

You must disclose if your cat has shown any signs of aggression or will not allow you to pick it up


Do all your services including a bath and dry?

Bathing is not included in any of the cat grooming services (apart from the bath and dry) and is an additional fee.



How do I get my cat in the basket?

We recommend keeping your cat’s basket in the house as a bed. This associates your cat’s basket as a safe and secure place to be, and they will go in willingly.

If you store your cat’s basket in a garage or store room, place it in the house a few days before your appointment.

Put your cat in the basket in a secure room with some treats in the basket.



Professional cat grooming near me?

If you’re searching for local cat grooming, then you might want to consider whether your favourite pet is worth that little extra effort to come to one of UK’s leading cat grooming salons in London. We not only groom cats, but we teach other groomers the trade too, so you can be sure you’re in the best possible place for your cat.



You can find more FAQs on grooming services on our Cat Grooming FAQ page.

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