Cleany Teeth FAQ

Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Tooth Brush

On this page we will go into more detail on what the Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Tooth Brush is and how it will benefit you and your dog!

Cleany Teeth is more than just a toothbrush. It’s a revolutionary product that uses ultrasound technology to clean your dog’s teeth and gums in a gentle and effective way. Unlike other brushes, Cleany Teeth does not need any movement, vibration or noise to work. It reaches where bristles cannot, such as gum pockets and interdental spaces. It also improves blood circulation, promotes wound healing and eliminates harmful bacteria. Cleany Teeth helps you prevent plaque and tartar formation, which can cause bad breath, gum disease and tooth loss. You can choose between two modes: one with gentle vibration for dogs who enjoy the gum massaging feeling, and one without for dogs who are more sensitive. All you need to do is apply some special toothpaste on the brush head, wet it, and place it on each tooth for a few seconds. You can also descale your dog’s teeth with the brush if needed. Cleany Teeth is the best way to provide dental care for your dog at home. Don’t wait any longer! Order your Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Starter Kit today and see the difference for yourself!

How can I promote the Ultrasound Tooth Brush at my Dog Grooming Salon?

We have designed informational posters and a webinar to help you with this!

The Webinar explains the Technology and the benefits, How to use, How to offer as a service, Cleany Teeth in action  and when not to use.

The posters are designed to catch the eye of potential clients and inform them about what you offer. The first poster grabs attention and features a before and after picture, while the second poster explains how your teeth cleaning service works and why it is important for oral health.

What is ultrasound?

Gentle air vibrations/oscillations, not audible, not visible and not perceptible.

How often should I clean my dog’s teeth?

If the teeth are free of tartar and gums and are not red/swollen, clean approximately once or twice a week. For tartar/swollen gums as often as possible without stress. There aren’t any harmful side effects!

Does ultrasound have harmful effects?

No. The ultrasound generated by CleanyTeeth for Dogs is not comparable to the “hard” ultrasound used by dentists and veterinarians. Versions of the technology have been used on humans for over 20 years.

Is there a version for cats?

All cat lovers, we are working on this. At the moment, the brush heads are too big today. We will redesign the heads and keep everyone posted. May we suggest you sign up for our email newsletter, so we can reach out later to you. Concerning brush head for cats. Our engineers tell us we can trim the brush head, i.e. cut/reduce the height of the bristles by 40 – 50%. Shortening the bristles will not lessen the ultrasound oscillations. You could exchange the brush heads that come with the CleanyTeeth for Dogs system for the “cat-sized” heads.

How long lasts the warranty?

The warranty is one year for professional use.

How long will the toothpaste last if you brush 1 – 2 times a week?

One dog will likely consume 3 tubes per year. You should place around half an inch of toothpaste onto the brush head. Each tube is 2.54 fl. oz or 75ml. The life of an opened tube is several months at least, while unopened tubes can safely be used up to 2.5 – 3 years.

Where is CleanyTeeth for Dogs manufactured?

The factory is located in Germany within 250 kilometres of Frankfurt.

Is nano-bubbles = micro-plastic?

Absolutely not. We don’t use plastic, microplastic, micro-sized plastic within any of our toothpaste or cosmetic products. We don’t use any abrasive ingredients, either.

Will the CleanyTeeth for Dogs work with any dog toothpaste?

No, You must use the specially formulated toothpaste offered. Other ultrasound toothpastes used could impede the effect of the ultrasound.

What are the benefits of the CleanyTeeth for Dogs dog toothpaste over other dog toothpastes?

With some/ most toothpaste, the most active ingredient are the abrasive particles. Our toothpaste doesn’t contain any abrasive particles. With a typical toothbrush whether a power sonic toothbrush or a manual brush results occur by scrubbing/rubbing the teeth and gums, hence abrasive particles are necessary. On the other hand, with the CleanyTeeth for Dogs, ultrasound waves/air oscillations are generated which blow away/kill germs and bacteria as well as small food particles. Our toothpaste generates nano-bubbles which aid in the destruction of the germs and bacteria. Further, the ultrasound waves penetrate through some layers of gums to harm germs & bacteria. Similar forms of the technology have been used on people for over 20 years. It has been proven safe and effective.

How many uses on the single and three-sided brush head before it should be changed?

Each brush can be used – 30 times. The brush needs to be changed when the bristles begin to fray and bend.

What is the estimated life of the product (rechargeable handle)?

The estimated life of the product is 5 years.

What brush head selection should I select for an 18 pound schnoodle?

We recommend the single brush head for an 18 lb/ (8.2 kilo) dog.

If I have 2 dogs, can I use 1 handle and switch out the brushheads?

For 2 dogs, you must decide how many “handles” to buy. We recommend brushing their teeth twice or perhaps once per week, so you could keep changing the head. However, some people might prefer to buy two devices/handles.