Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming in London

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming in London

Absolutely Animals are pet groomers with extensive knowledge that you can trust.

We have over thirty years in the business of Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming and Pet grooming in London. Our pet grooming experience and skills which our staff demonstrate will ensure your pet is in confident and in caring hands.

Staff are Fully City and Guilds qualified in dog and cat grooming, Internationally Qualified as well as British and International Award Winning Groomers.

We know that every pet is different and will give you a FREE consultation for the most suitable and safest grooming plan for your pet.

Bring a picture of the style you would like for your pet, and the staff will help you achieve that look.

Absolutely Animals also offer Dog Grooming Courses and Cat Grooming courses in London for any pet owners which would like to learn to groom their own pet, or even take up pet grooming as a career. Career groomers can gain a City and Guilds qualification with us too.

Please browse through the website for more information, or please give us a call.

Over 30 years in the business of Pet Grooming

Covid-19 Update

Dear Customers:

We ARE OPEN for Dog grooming. Thank you for your patience and loyalty at this time while we have all been supporting the NHS during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We have prepared guidelines for re-opening for all customers to follow when visiting the salon. We will do our best to book first all those clients who missed a booked appointment from March.

If you would like a new appointment, please call us and leave a message. 020 8857 2888

dog grooming

A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet

With our Dog and Cat Grooming

We express our creativity enhancing the beauty and wellbeing of your pet

The benefits of professional grooming include:

Aerating the coat and ensuring healthy growth
Removing knots, mats and dead hair from the coat
Stimulating the skin and promoting good blood circulation
Health checking your pet all over
Trimming nails and cleaning ears
• Looking great and receiving good attention

 ‘Big and small – we groom them all’

Client Testimonials

 Learner Review

Dog grooming Courses

“I have completed the gold course of dog grooming and now I watch some other professional dog groomers videos online and I ask “Why aren’t they using the right technique instead of making it all difficult for them self and for the dog??” And that’s when I realise that NOT EVERYONE WAS TRAINED AT ABSOLUTELY ANIMALS DOG GROOMING SCHOOL!!!   got a lot more out the course than I payed for! The course fee is not cheap but you get a lot more than you’d expect! Tonnes of knowledge! I got tools I can start working with straight away! Tonnes of knowledges on different techniques, Confidence building practise and a big variety of dogs to learn on, AMAZING PEOPLE TO LEARN FROM! If I struggle with something I just picture them doing it and it all comes back to me  it was great fun to be part of the team! I want to come back  also I wasn’t in the best place when I started the course but the whole team was so supportive and encouraging, I can not thank you enough for what I have taken away from the whole experience!” –

Gabriella 2020

Dog Grooming Courses

If you are interested in becoming a professional dog groomer, then we have the perfect dog grooming courses for you. Our dog grooming courses cover a wide variety of topics and are tailored for individual learners and their requirements. We can train you to get the right dog grooming qualifications and experience needed to become a professional dog groomer. Wherever you are in your dog grooming career, we have the right dog grooming course for you.

Have a look through our dog grooming courses page to see the courses available.

Cat Grooming Courses

Our cat grooming courses are becoming extremely popular and are purrfect for those wishing to become a professional cat groomer or gain qualifications in the cat grooming industry. Our cat grooming courses range from basic beginners to existing professionals looking to improve and gain additional qualifications in this sector. Our cat grooming courses cover a wide variety of topics and are tailored for individual learners and their requirements. Whether you are an existing dog groomer looking to expand your business into cat grooming or starting your own cat grooming business, we have the cat course for you.

Have a look through our cat grooming courses page to see the cat courses available.

 Learner Review

“I could not recommend anywhere else to get your grooming certificate.
Do not fool yourself with cheaper courses. The money you invest here is for a profession for a lifetime because you will leave as a skilled groomer.
Christine and the team are so knowledgeable and they guide and teach every single detail you need to know.
I got my level 2 certificate and I’m now working full time as a groomer and I could not be happier.
Their grooming is the best I’ve ever seen! It’s like flawless.
So if you want to learn from the best this is the place!”

Dami 2020