Dog Grooming Services

Dog Grooming Services

On this page you can find out more about the techniques we use, how they can
benefit you and your dog and the results you can expect.

We cater for all breeds and types, the techniques and styles below may be modified to suit your pet. This may be determined by your own personal request or by the coat condition, health, temperament or behaviour of your pet.

We abide by the professional core values set by the


Did you know?
Regular grooming will save you vet fees
as it stimulates the skin;
the largest organ in the dogs body!

Appointment times are Mondays to Saturdays:   9:30am – 12:30pm   or   1:00pm – 4:00pm
(please ensure you arrive on time)

All dogs will receive free nail trimming and ear cleaning if necessary as well as a complimentary bow and cologne spray.

Look here: at the British Isles Grooming Association, Pinterest Boards, for a style to suit your pet

Bath and Dry

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Freshen up your pet and put the spring back in their step.
We use only natural shampoos
and conditioners!
All dogs are hand dried.

Clip and Scissor


Clip and scissor is a very popular,
affordable and stylish hairstyle.
Choose a suitable length and style for you.

Clip Down

2015-10-20 14.52.24

A very practical hairstyle for those who haven’t got the time or inclination for regular coat maintenance.
Great for avoiding moulting hairs and matting.

Hand-strip simulation


Using a combination of speedier
methods to simulate breed standard and a hand strip look.
This technique is very popular and leaves a smart and stylish finish at a fraction of the cost.
A great technique for dogs who are sensitive or unsuitable to hand stripping.

Scissor All Over


Scissors are used all over to sculpture a balanced and appealing look for your dog.
Lengths and Styles can vary.

Hand Strip


Breed standard technique, most suitable for Terriers and some Gun dogs and alike to meet the characteristics of your dog and breed standards.
This is an important technique to keep the coat texture and colour.

Creative Grooming

2015-12-18 15.19.49

Fancy something different on your dog? Special occasion or surprise?
Want him to stand out from the pups in the park?
You can choose or combine Creative styling / Creative colouring

Learn To Groom Your Pet


Learn how to keep your pet maintained between grooming visits,
Learn how to bathe and dry your own dog,
Learn how to clip, trim or handstrip your own dog,
Learn how to perform a health check on your own dog.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning removes tartar and stains, freshens breath, anti-bacterial with no harmful side effects.

Get your dogs’ teeth cleaned today!

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I have been using Absolutely Animals for my two standard poodles since last November, when I moved to London from Texas. I have always been very particular when choosing a groomer because it is so difficult to do a big poodle really well. I am extremely pleased with Absolutely Animals and we go every four weeks. As well as giving a beautiful result, they are good about talking with you in advance about the cut. They are also good at working with nervous dogs, like my Nancy, who can’t stand her feet being touched. I highly recommend this company.