groom your own dog

Learn to Groom Your Own Dog

Learn to trim, groom and bathe your own dog in a way to suit their own coat type and personality.

Learn to Groom Your Own Dog

Be an Achiever

Keeping animals healthy is our call, we are dedicated to the welfare of animals. If you apply to this course, we are sure you can maintain your own dog.

We offer this fun and informative course to provide you with the skills necessary to look after your own loved pets. We will show you how to maintain your own dog between professional grooming services or learn the skills of styling that you can carry out at home.

It takes half a day if you have a small dog (one session) and a full day for a large dog (two sessions). More information on this below.

Hand stripping

By completing this course you will:

  • Experience the process of your dog in the salon
  • Develop a deeper understanding with your dog
  • Be more confident handling and grooming your dog
  • Learn all the tools, techniques and handling your dog requires
  • Take a hands on approach with practical learning

You will cover:

  • Basic health and safety for you and your dog during grooming, using the appropriate personal protective equipment and correct hygiene.
  • Health Check your dog, recognising changes in the body or external foreign bodies.
  • Brushing and Combing correctly for the coat type and character of your dog.
  • Washing and Drying using the correct shampoos, conditioners.
  • Learning grooming techniques appropriate for your dog. Clipping, scissoring, hand stripping or shaping.
  • Handling your dog during grooming and promoting it as a pleasurable process for you both

Regular grooming of your pet has many benefits including:

  • Valuable time with your pet
  • Maintaining the coat and health of your pet
  • Preventing matting
  • A healthy coat and skin
  • Prevents natural-oil build-ups on the skin and fur
  • Save yourself grooming and vets fees by learning to groom your own pet

Groom Your Own Large Dog


Groom Your Own Large Dog – One Day

A large dog is knee high upwards or one that needs 2 sessions worth of time to complete.

Upon completing the application form, you will be contacted by a member of Absolutely Animals about the course and getting started. Completing this form does not require you to continue the course. All the terms are set out.

*Prices Include the cost of grooming the dog

£300 Inc. VAT

Groom Your Own Small Dog


Groom Your Own Small Dog – Half a Day

Upon completing the application form, you will be contacted by a member of Absolutely Animals about the course and getting started. Completing this form does not require you to continue the course. All the terms are set out.

*Prices Include the cost of grooming the dog

£200 Inc. VAT

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Why does it take a full day to groom a large dog?

A large dog is much bigger and takes longer to manoeuvre, with the size being much larger. They also have more coats, hair, and skin surfaces to attend to.

You will be taught how to groom your dog, which means you will have a tutor to assist you in learning the process. With a large dog, this takes longer. You will be mirroring your tutor’s actions, learning new handling techniques and using equipment.

Larger dogs require more physical effort and time from the person grooming them than small dogs.

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