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Latest News - All puppies are now in their new homes from this litter

After a night filled with excitement and anticipation, we’re thrilled to share the pawsitively heartwarming news of new furry arrivals! 🐕💕

Tiffany, our proud fur-mama, delivered a bundle of joy on the 15th of November, with an adorable diverse litter into the world. We’re over the moon to announce the birth of three enchanting white princesses, accompanied by two charming black gentlemen, and the arrival of two dashing white little guys. Each one exuding strength and health, these bundles of joy are ready to capture your hearts.

Mum Tiffany and her delightful crew are not just surviving but thriving in their newfound family bliss.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of unconditional love and boundless joy with a four-legged friend, look no further. Our puppies are not just looking for homes; they’re looking for lifelong companions who will shower them with love and belly rubs.

Please let us know if you are interested in a pet or show home.

To express your interest and take the first step toward adding a furry friend to your family, simply drop us an email using the form below. Act fast, as these little bundles of joy are sure to find forever homes in the blink of an eye.

Dam – Spanish Import – Verspertine Soothsayer (Hips 8, eyes clear, DNA clear)

Sire  – Russian Import – Malice Mizer Desparado Somanic (Hips 12, eyes clear, DNA clear)

Puppies ready to leave on the 10th January 2024

Express Your Interest

If your heart skipped a beat reading about our adorable furry companions, then you’re already on the path to welcoming boundless joy into your life! Our puppies, born into a world of love and warmth, are eagerly waiting for loving homes to call their own. If you feel that one of these precious bundles of fur is destined to be your new best friend, take the first step! Express your interest by reaching out to us at

The Puppies come with:

  • UK Kennel Club Registered
  • UK Parti Poodle Club Registered (where applicable)
  • 3 Generation Pedigree,
  • 5 weeks KC Insurance
  • Veterinary Health Check
  • Microchipped
  • 1st vaccination
  • An Extensive Puppy Pack, which includes information on:
    Socialisation, exercise, training, feeding grooming, worming,
    immunisation and breed information.
tiffany pradetti poodle

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    Kennel Club Registered

    In our commitment to providing not just adorable companions but also ensuring the utmost in canine health, welfare, and breeding standards, we’re proud to share that we are Kennel Club registered. The Kennel Club stands as the largest organisation in the UK dedicated to the well-being, health, and training of dogs.

    As part of our registration with The Kennel Club, we adhere to the highest standards of pedigree dog registration and actively contribute to the well-being of animals through our association with the Petlog database, a leading service in reuniting microchipped animals with their owners.

    About Poodles

    The Poodle originates in Germany, where it was bred as a water retriever, used by duck hunters. The ancestors of the breed were various water dogs of Europe.

    The Kennel Club recognises three varieties, differentiated by size. All share the same standard. The Miniature and the Toy varieties are a result of scaling down and capturing the same features in a smaller mould.

    Earlier Standards recommended that the traditional lion trim was used in the show ring. More recently it has been acceptable to show Poodles in other types of trim. Kennel club breed standard

    The solid-coloured poodle has a wide variety of colours, including solid Apricot, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Red, Silver and White.

    Multi-coloured patterns such as parti, sable, phantom, and brindle come with a variety of colours such as black/white, brown/white, silver/white, blue/white, black/brown.

    The UK recognises the poodle as solid and parti poodle.

    Parti-coloured poodles are recognised in poodle history as the original colouring of the poodle. A parti poodle has solid-coloured patches over a white coat. The coat will usually be white and coloured in equal amounts, though it can vary with a larger percentage of white.

    Black/white, blue/white, and silver/white Poodles have black noses, eye rims and lips, black or self-coloured toenails and very dark eyes. When the dog has markings that resemble those of a tuxedo, it is referred to as a “tuxedo” poodle although still a parti. The upper coat is solid: head, back, tail; and the lower coat is white: neck, chest, abdomen, and legs, making up usually 40% or more of the coat.

    Phantom poodles have the colouring of a Doberman Pinscher, with a lighter colour appearing on their “eyebrows”, muzzle and throat, legs and feet and below their tail. Like Dobermans, phantom poodles have either a black or brown main coat with tan (usually apricot or red) lighter colourings around the eyebrows, muzzle, throat, legs, feet, and below their tail.

    Heidi with Prada


    Heidi with Tiffany


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    Meet the Current Girls

    We are delighted to introduce Kendra, the youngest member of our family. Kendra is the daughter of Ettie and resides with her loving mother. She brings joy and energy to our household.

    Additionally, we are excited to welcome Tiffany, our newest family member, who joins us all the way from Spain. Tiffany is a beautiful solid white dog, adding elegance and charm to our pack.


    Tiffany at the Park

    Newest Family Member from Spain


    Daughter of Ettie

    Generation History of Girls

    Prada, the matriarch of our beloved doggie family, holds a special place in our hearts. She was the foundation of our breeding line and left an indelible mark on our journey.

    Prada was a remarkable first litter parti pup in the UK, born to two imported dogs from esteemed professional breeders abroad. Her legacy lives on through her daughter, Ettie.

    It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Prada’s passing on August 22nd, 2023, at the age of nearly 15 years. Her presence will be greatly missed, but her memory will forever be cherished in our hearts.





    Dogs for Stud

    Our two stud poodles are from Ettie’s litter.