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Cat Grooming - Flea Bath

We give advice on how to deal with fleas, while also explaining the cat flea bath service.

Cat Flea Bath

An award-winning and industry leading pet grooming businses providing exemplary grooming services to all dogs and cats, no matter their size.

Flea baths will kill the fleas on your cat and remove flea dirt and eggs. Whilst your cat is in for a flea bath, you are advised to spray your house with a household flea insecticide.

We will flea-bath cats with a few fleas but not ones that are infested so please make sure to treat them first. An infestation is more than 20 fleas.

If your cat has fleas please make sure they have a veterinary spot-on treatment at least 48 hours before they come for a flea bath.

To minimise flea infestations you need to introduce a regular flea repellent such as a spot-on treatment.

Ignoring a few fleas can quickly lead to an infestation on your cat and in your home. Adult fleas can produce hundreds of eggs and pupae in a relatively short time.

Fleas start feeding on blood within minutes of landing on your pet. Signs that your cat may have fleas will be black grit in the coat and your cat may be scratching regularly.

Cats love to be groomed a few times a week, so why not take a look at our shop for the latest cat accessories?

To book your cat in for a flea bath, please visit our book online page or give us a call for any additional advice.

For Flea baths you will need to book as a normal bath online and then we will add the additional service on the appointment date.

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Useful Information

  • We recommend resisting any cutting of the coat if possible, as not only does it spoil the natural beauty of the cat, but it causes the hair to grow back thicker and longer, and sometimes can stunt the regrowth!
  • Matted hair is uncomfortable for a cat and needs to be clipped off the cat by a professional.
  • Never use scissors on a cat; their skin is extremely loose and thin and can be cut easily.
  • If left, matts will restrict the movement of the cat and tear the hair out of the skin.
  • Once matting is removed, damaged skin is often uncovered where hair has been pulled out.
  • After matt removal, please discuss with our groomer a future grooming plan to avoid further matting.
  • Regular grooming avoids matting, keeps the skin healthy and makes cats happy.

What our Customers say...

Review by Graham Watson

Have taken our rescue cat Ollie to AA twice this year for grooming as he is a large long haired tabby and needs lots of brushing. AA were brilliant, great service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. - Graham Watson
Review by Alessia Stroni

"My cat Nyx is only about 4 months old now and she went in for a wet bath, conditioning, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. I am very pleased with the Absolutely Animals service! She smells very clean and her coat is shiny and fluffy. I will be going back in 8 weeks for another cleaning!" Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness Alessia Stroni
Friendly Review from Lee Gray

"Friendly and professional service. Overwhelmed how different our cat's fur felt after her grooming, her belly was a mass of matted fur and she didn't like us going near there with a brush. Fantastic job so happy I made that call thank you." Lee Gray
Customer Review
Theodore the Cat 2021

“Absolutely lovely. The team really looked after Theodore, I was worried as he can be nervous at times, however, he was so relaxed. Looks amazing, one happy cat. Thank you so much” Martin Joyce 2021
Customer Review
The Staff Were So... And the Results... Amazing.

“My cat HuHu got a nice grooming out at Absolutely Animals. The staff were so friendly and the results is amazing! His coat is smooth as silk now! Also I got some nice advices on how to do grooming at home. Absolutely worth to try if your cats have matted hair issues!” 2021 Review

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