FAQ - Grooming Courses

Frequently Asked Grooming Course Questions

Can I join a grooming course if I live outside the United Kingdom?

Absolutely Animals is recognised world wide as an award winning pet grooming school. Many of our clients have travelled from all over the globe to study under our expert advice. Here in London, we have one of the greatest Capitals in the world filled with culture and history. There is a wide selection of nearby hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions within a short distance of Absolutely Animals including a train station within 3 minutes walking distance.

Which dog grooming course is right for me?

You may be just starting out in the world of dog grooming or looking to expand your existing skill set, we have the right course for you to keep you on track. We have a wide range of dog grooming courses available depending on what your level of training and expertise are, so take a look at our dog grooming course page to find out more.

Which cat grooming course is right for me?

We have various cat grooming courses available which cover beginners as well as those who have already gained experience in the pet grooming field. Our courses range from 1 day starter tuition, to longer 8 day expert courses where you will meet and interact with a range of feline breeds with various coats and temperaments. Visit our cat grooming course page to view the range of courses we have available.

How do I enrol in a dog grooming course?

Visit our dedicated dog grooming course page to find out more about the dog grooming courses we have available, then apply for that course using the links provided.

How do I enrol in a cat grooming course?

To enrol in a cat grooming course, either visit our dedicated cat grooming course page, to find out more about the cat grooming courses we have, or go directly to the ;cat grooming course booking form

When do courses start?

Our grooming courses are continually on going and unlike traditional schools, there is no set term time or course dates. This allows us to provide the course and activities at a time convenient to you. The courses run during our regular business hours and are dependent on the course having positions available. If you would like a specific time or date for your course to take place, then please contact us for availability and booking.

Where are dog grooming courses?

Our dog grooming courses take place at our Absolutely Animals Pet Grooming facility in London.

Where are cat grooming courses?

Our cat grooming courses take place at our Absolutely Animals Pet Grooming facility in London.

Where can I find dog grooming course reviews?

We have many satisfied clients who have kindly left us reviews on our dog grooming courses. These can be found through out the site or by visiting the dog grooming course page.

Where can I find cat grooming course reviews?

We have received a wealth of positive reviews and feedback from our happy clients over the years. We have placed the reviews across the site for our visitors to see and read. You can find more cat grooming reviews on our cat grooming course page.

I want to be a professional dog groomer, is your course suitable?

Yes! We offer a wide range of dog grooming courses and offer training and certification in various level 2 and level 3 city and guilds courses and diplomas. The City & Guilds courses we provide are the nationally recognised standard and qualification for the dog grooming industry. Visit our City and Guilds Grooming Qualifications page for more information.

Do I need previous experience or training before taking a pet grooming course?

Depending on the course you intend to take, generally no previous experience is necessary as we will train you from start to finish. If you are unsure whether a course is right for you and your skill level, feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss the right course path for you.