Grooming for your cat

Welcome to our professional cat grooming page!

On this page you can find out more about the techniques we use, how they can benefit you and your cat and the results you can expect.

We cater for all breeds and types, the techniques and styles below may be modified to suit your pets requirements. This may be determined by your own personal request or by the coat condition, health, temperament or behaviour of your pet.

We abide by the professional core values set by the

  • British Isles Grooming Association  (BIGA)
  • International Professional Groomers Association
  • Animal Welfare Act 2006



Did you know? If you bathe your cat every 6 weeks it stops it matting

cat grooming
cat grooming

Appointment times are:   9:30am – Pick up 12:30pm   or   1:00pm – Pick up 4:00pm  – Tuesdays and Saturdays ONLY

All cats will receive free nail trimming and ear cleaning if required

Bath and Dry

Cat grooming

Bathing and Drying

  • Eradicates parasites
  • Reduces moulting
  • Reduces matting
  • Degreases
  • Reduces furballs
  • Includes Conditioning

Bath and Dry

2 warm wet washes, an all over body massage, hand dry and a groom through removing all that old hair and debris from the coat.

Leave in conditioning treatment

Using only natural based products

Please see additional services for:

Flea baths and Intensive conditioning


Only £15 additional to a full groom (only £25 walk in)

Petlog – Lost Pet Microchip Reunification database and lost and found pet service

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Panel and Sanitary Trim

cat grooming

Panel and Sanitary Trim

  • Reduces and removes matting
  • Reduces moulting
  • Reduces furballs
  • Keeps hygiene areas clean
  • Makes for easier maintenance

Panel and Sanitary Trim

Panel Trim – Clipping from under the arms down the soft belly and groin area

Sanitary trim – Clipping around the genitals and the rear area

These techniques are a great way to maintain a semi long haired or long haired coat. Especially if your cat is prone to matting underneath or is sensitive in this area.

Body Clipping / Lion Trims

cat grooming

Body clipping and Lion Trims (includes panel and sanitary trim)

  • Partial Lion Trim
  • Full Lion Trim
  • Plume tail or Lion tail

Body Clipping / Lion Trims

Body Clipping – Removing just matts in the process of saving an unkempt coat. The coat left behind will cover the removed areas.

Partial Lion Trim – Removing all the body coat from the shoulders to the base of the tail

Full Lion Trim – Removing all the body coat from the top of the neck to the base of the tail

Plume Tail – Leaving the whole tail from the base to the tip

Lion Tail – Clipping 2/3 of the tail and leaving the lion pom on the tip

On all trims the hair on the legs will be left on – just below the elbow

Additional Services

cat grooming

Additional Services

  • Dematting
  • Flea Baths
  • Microchipping
  • Difficult or aggressive behaviour
  • Learn to groom your own cat

Additional Services


Flea Baths – Flea baths will kill the fleas on the cat but you will need to spray your house and introduce a regular flea repellant

Walk in Nail Trimming –  Come in any time without an appointment (call first to confirm)

Learn to Groom your own cat –

Microchipping –

Booking requirements

We can only groom so many cats per day as it is a time consuming service. For health and safety reasons we need two people present for cat grooming.

Cat grooming appointments require a £20 deposit on booking your cat which is non-refundable. The deposit is also non-transferable unless the appointment is changed 24 hours prior to the booking time.

There is a £55 minimum charge for cat grooming

What should I do before bringing my cat in the shop?

Do not feed your cat within 2 hours of its appointment.

Please make sure your cat comes in a secure basket.

How do I get my cat in the basket?

Keep your cats basket in the house as a bed. This associates your cats basket as a safe and secure place to be and they will go in willingly.

If you store your cats basket in a garage or store room, place them in the house a few days before your appointment.

Put your cat in the basket in a secure room with some treats in the basket.

Will my cat be near any dogs?

We dedicate Tuesdays and Saturdays to cat grooming.

We groom in other rooms apart from the main salon, so the cats are not in contact with any dogs.

My cat has knots and/or matts

We have to assess individually each animal including the coat condition, health and behaviour as there are various techniques and equipment we can use to rid the coat of matts and knots and to leave the cat feeling more comfortable.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

What if my cat is aggressive?

Please tell a staff member at Absolutely Animals immediately when dropping off your cat if they have any behaviour difficulties. This includes biting, growling or scratching.

Please contact us for a free consultation

Why does it cost more for a cat to be groomed than a dog?

It costs additional money because it is a time consuming process and there are more safety issues with cat grooming so we need to provide two staff.

How long will it take to groom my cat?

You will need to bring your cat in at
9:30am and pick up at 12:30pm or
1:00pm and pick up at 4:00pm
unless otherwise arranged