Pet Grooming

Grooming your pets

Pets should generally be groomed professionally every 6-8 weeks to maintain a healthy coat and pet. Grooming services usually include bathing, conditioning, drying your pet, groom out any small tangles, trim nails in excess and give your pet a basic health check. In-between professional grooms you will need to maintain your pets coat by brushing and combing.

Grooming for your Dog

dog in bath

Grooming for your Cat

cat in bath

Why should you groom your pet at home weekly?

It is a pet owner’s responsibility to maintain good skin and coat condition for their pet.
This includes regular brushing and combing. The comb should run freely through the coat.

Regular grooming promotes good health by:
  • Stimulating the skin and promoting good blood circulation
  • Aerating the coat ensuring healthy growth
  • Brushing away cast and loose hairs, dander and grass seeds
  • Avoiding knots and mats from forming
  • Creating a good bonding time – reducing stress for you and your pet
  • Increases the joy of being handled for your pet
  • Increasing the chance for a few treats and rewards for your pet
  • A Good time for a health check and to getting to know your pet better
  • A Time to inspect for any parasites in coat, skin or ears!
  • To attract admiration for your beautiful
  • Minimising additional vet and grooming fees
Not grooming your pet regularly can cause:
  • A dull or greasy coat and itchy skin
  • Knots and mats in the coat
  • Lots of loose hairs and dander in the coat
  • Grass seeds which can enter the dog’s skin and cause internal damage
  • Dog can get stressed and aggressive when grooming time comes around
  • Parasites and fungus can live un- noticed in your pets’ coat and ears causing infections, pain and distress
  • Increases your vet and grooming fees

We can help you!

If you are not able to groom your pet regularly or your pets coat has got out of control – give us a call and let us help you!

We understand its not always easy to maintain good coat condition of a pet. But whatever the reason is we can help you to resolve the situation and help you put a plan in place to improve the coat maintenance of your pet for the future.

We are here to help you have the maximum enjoyment with your pet.

Come along with your pet and we will show you how to maintain the coat using the correct techniques and equipment.
ONLY £20 (Call to book)