Dog Grooming Courses

Dog Grooming Courses

Here at Absolutely Animals Ltd, we cover a variety of topics and content in our professional dog grooming courses. Our courses are flexible and tailored to the person.

Our dog grooming courses are unique as you will see from our reviews. Our goal is not only to teach you the skills of dog grooming, but that you can actively groom for a living, without supervision at the end of your course.

Are you looking for a career change, interested in becoming a professional dog groomer, but have no experience in dog grooming?  Do you want to work in a salon, in a van, or in your own home? Employed or self-employed?

You will need to book one of our Dog Grooming for a Living Courses – The Gold and Platinum courses include everything you need, including the dogs to work on, in-depth theory programmes, City and Guilds qualifications and specialist supervision and tutoring.

We have the tried and tested practical dog grooming courses, teaching you to groom for a living. Fill out the forms and get yourself booked on your course today.

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One Day Taster

Is a professional dog grooming career for you?

  • One day Free Taster day if you go on to book a course (must be booked within a month).
  • With our One Day Taster course, you can find out if the dog grooming profession is right for you.
  • Learn how to groom your own dog with this hands-on grooming and handling course.
  • Individual tuition and assessment to improve your key skills and grooming styles.
  • Save on grooming and vet fees.
  • The cost of the course can be deducted if you go on to book a Gold or Platinum course.
  • We also offer one day training and assessment days – click below to find out more!

Gold Course - 22 days

Dog Grooming for a Living - 22 days of practical dog grooming

  • 22 days of access to practical dog grooming and handling
  • Hands-on practice, demonstrations, and theory guidance
  • A course manual will be provided, inclusive of open Learning home studies
  • Includes assessments of a City and Guilds Level 2, and Introductory level 3 course work
  • An additional animal first aid training day with an RVN-qualified veterinary nurse (held on a Sunday)
  • Take away a fantastic Starter Pack at the end of the course, worth over £650
  • Receive an Absolutely Animals certificate of achievement and rosette!
  • One free year subscription to the British Isles Grooming Association

Platinum Course - 32 days

Dog Grooming for a Living - 32 days of practical grooming


  • 32 days of access to practical dog grooming, covering style, finishing and handling.
  • Hands-on practice, demonstrations, and theory guidance.
  • A course manual will be provided, inclusive of open learning home studies.
  • Includes assessments of a City and Guilds Level 2 and Introductory level 3 course work.
  • An additional animal first aid training day with an RVN-qualified veterinary nurse (held on a Sunday).
  • Take away a fantastic Starter Pack, worth £650 – You will receive this at the beginning of your course.
  • Receive an Absolutely Animals certificate of achievement and rosette!
  • One free year subscription to the British Isles Grooming Association.

Platinum Plus - 37 days

Dog Grooming for a Living - 37 days of practical grooming

Platinum Plus – 37 days

  • In addition to the Platinum course you will complete the NEW City and Guilds level 3 Diploma in dog grooming (7863-03).
  • 5 Additional Practical days in guided support at Absolutely Animals.
  • You are required to be practicing outside the course either in a work environment or voluntary position.
  • Additional Open Learning Home Studies.
  • For those who do not feel confident enough to take the practical exam at the end of the course – No need to worry – full guidance will be offered, and you can come back at any time within the following year to complete  the assessments.

City and Guilds Qualifications: Courses only

You can apply to take a course for each qualification only. This means that the training given will be the qualification content only. This is a different way to access the grooming courses and is not better or worse than another route, only another way to access the qualification pathway depending on your personal circumstance. You can still access this route on days which are convenient for you.

City and Guilds Qualification Assessments - Competent groomers only

As an efficient and inspiring way of learning, qualifications will help you to build and add to your professional skills and performance within the field of dog grooming. With noted qualifications, you will improve your earning potential and gain professional recognition, showing a level of competence has been met.

Qualifications not only provide you with a professional achievement, but also a personal achievement. Attaining them will help to improve your own confidence in the job, which is an important factor in any career choice.

Those wishing to take assessments only must already be skilled in dog grooming and those skills will be assessed prior to enrolment. You will also be required to complete an open learning home study course which will be provided and marked by qualified assessors.

Higher Level of Practical Tuition in Dog Grooming

  • Higher qualification grooming or ICMG (International Certified Master Groomer qualification).
  • Learn and improve skills and techniques required for grooming, styling and competing your own dog.
  • Follows on from Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma (7863-03).

Exams and Workshops

At Absolutely Animals, we also offer online Evolve exams every month for the qualifications, along with a variety of workshops. Our workshops are held for animal first aid, dog handling, poodle grooming, and City and Guilds Qualification preparation.

With our exams and workshops, you can continue to learn and improve your professional skills after your course and assessments are completed.


Invest in your future with professional training at Absolutely Animals! With our team and our quality-assured courses, you will learn everything you need to know to groom for a living.

Our tutors are not only fully qualified, but also international award-winning groomers themselves. Working with our experienced professionals, you will go through necessary training to lead you towards qualifications and a fulfilling career in dog grooming.

It’s all at great value for money too! Follow the link below for more information about course and qualification fees.

Where can I find City & Guilds dog grooming courses near me?

If you are looking for professional dog grooming courses near by, you may want to travel that extra mile and visit us at Absolutely Animals. We are where the professionals come to train and learn all about dog grooming and get qualified in the many aspects of dog grooming. We train dog groomers from all over the UK and internationally. Your local dog groomers near you were probably trained by one of our highly qualified professional dog groomers at Absolutely Animals Ltd.


Where are we?

If you are local or in the area then do stop by! We would be happy to discuss our dog grooming courses and explain the course features.

Our address is: Absolutely Animals Ltd, 43B Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, London, SE12 0AE


How to get here by train

Our business location is conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the Lee, Southeastern Train Station and tickets are readily available online, but please do contact us prior to travelling if you do not already have a pre-arranged appointment.

Need help or have a question?

If you have a question or need more advise then contact us today, we’re here to help!

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Dog Grooming Course Reviews

“I am so pleased I turned to Absolutely Animals to become qualified. My experience completing not only my Level 3 intro but also Level 3 Diploma with this school has been so fulfilling and rewarding. Absolutely Animals has such a friendly welcoming atmosphere which instantly puts you at ease. Heidi and Christine guided me through the entire process all the while making me feel supported.

Not only has this experience given me confidence and helped my self esteem but I now have the credentials which are proudly hung on my wall in my salon. The whole experience made me realise you can fulfil your dreams and goals if you put your mind to it.

Absolutely Animals aftercare is second to none with a support group making you feel like part of a community/family and never alone. It is a great comfort to know Heidi and Christine are only at the end of a phone or social media resting my mind that they are there to encourage me throughout my career.

Heidi and Christine have selflessly taken it upon them selves to offer pretty much a lifetime guarantee with their courses. I promise you will not regret choosing this as your school of education.”

– Fay Greene – Fay’s Diamond Dog Grooming

“Thank you so much to everyone at Absolutely Animals – Heidi and Christine are amazing tutors. I highly recommend training at Absolutely Animals. The knowledge that I have learnt from them has helped me to start my own Dog Grooming Business.

I did the 22 day introductory course with the City and Guilds Qualification, and I can honestly say it was the best thing I have done. The course is really hands on and practical – it’s great to be able to get stuck straight into grooming dogs. The theory side of the course gives you an insight of all the important information that you need know being a Dog Groomer; on how to handle dogs in the correct way, noticing parasites, and even knowing the signs of when a dog is getting stressed, exhausted, etc.

The course is very informative and gives you the confidence to know you can go out and groom a dog in the correct and safe way. Even after finishing the course Heidi and Christine are always there if you need any advice. There is also a Facebook page for everyone that has trained at Absolutely Animals which is great to ask questions and get advice from all the students. Heidi also holds seminars at the shop as well, so the learning never stops. I did my Animal First Aid training there, and found the Handling Difficult Dogs seminar really helpful and useful.

If you are interested in becoming a Dog Groomer, I highly recommend Absolutely Animals. They even do taster days so you can have a feel of what the course would be like. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Heidi & Christine for all your help throughout the course. I wouldn’t have my own mobile Dog Grooming business if it wasn’t for Absolutely Animals!”
– Lucy Tallant –  Oh So Hairy Dog Grooming

“I’m the owner of Scooby Doos in Eltham on Westmount Road and I have now been grooming dogs almost three years. Prior to that I was a retail area manager, working 24/7 and always stressed – I had very poor work-life balance. This all changed when my husband came up with an idea when I was having to wait two months to get an appointment at my local grooming salon for my King Charles Spaniel. At first I thought he was joking, but it really developed from there.

Straight away I started to look for premises and a training school – that’s when the fun started. I was overjoyed to find somewhere so close! I started my journey at Absolutely Animals, signing up for the Platinum Dog Grooming Course. On my first day I thought I would never get it, but everyone was so friendly and helpful that by the end of my course, I felt so motivated and confident that I just knew it was the right career for me.

I completed my City and Guilds Introduction into Dog Grooming; the hands on practical experience together with the written course work was all well-supported by Heidi and Christine and the rest of the team at Absolutely Animals. Their experience, knowledge and support was amazing and all done in a friendly and approachable manner. They were always on hand to offer advice and expertise on the coursework which was a great relief given my school days were many years ago.

The result of all this has given me a new career and allowed me to open my own business, which I absolutely love. I have a new set of friends, new colleagues and a great support network. I’ve developed new hobbies and I’m still willing to learn and develop new skills. Thank you Heidi and absolutely animals for making it all possible”.

– Maxine Gadd –  Scooby Doos Dog Grooming

“Heidi and Christine are always on hand with their expertise and advice, long after your course has finished, helping you whenever you need it. It’s also nice reading the other students stories and advice on the Facebook page. You are an inspiration to us all! Thank you.” Helen Roper

“The ongoing support continues long after training has finished. Heidi and Christine are very down to earth and encouraging – they become like extended family and the opportunities they offer are there for however far you want to go.” Sue Wright

“After a fantastic course experience, the thought of suddenly going out on your own is quite daunting! The Absolutely Animals Facebook group offers lots of support and a feeling of community. You’re free to ask questions and bounce off fellow groomers varying in experience without feeling judged. Heidi and Christine are amazing and always there to offer advice and support. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thank you!” Stephanie Fearon

“I completed my diploma at Absolutely Animals after doing my Level 2 and Level 3 introduction elsewhere. I was beginning to wonder whether I would ever be able to complete the full diploma because I could not find any suitable exam dogs. Then I was recommended Absolutely Animals. Right from the off, Heidi supported me and advised me on the one exam dog I had of my own, and sourced the other exam dogs for me.

Heidi and Christine are so approachable and they gave me the confidence to move forward and complete my diploma. I would have no hesitation recommending Absolutely Animals to anyone wanting to start a career in the dog grooming industry.” Ali Mace

“Support is always available throughout and after the course, with Christine and Heidi always willing to answer any questions you have long after you have finished. The student Facebook group is great for sharing experiences and getting advice and opinions from both follow students and the tutors.” Michelle Greally

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