7 inch Kiss Texture Scissors

£99.00 inc VAT

Right Handed Only



Introducing the Texturiser – the go-to tool in dog grooming for achieving that soft, blended finish effortlessly. Faster and more efficient than a thinning shear, yet gentler than a traditional scissor, the Texturiser is designed to strike the perfect balance in creating a polished and natural look.

Perfect for groomers seeking speed and precision, this specialised tool helps soften the finish with finesse. Its unique design allows for quick and efficient texturising, ensuring a professional result in less time. Unlike thinners, the Texturiser removes just the right amount of hair, providing control and finesse in shaping without compromising the overall coat.

Say goodbye to the hassle of lengthy thinning or the risk of over-cutting with scissors. The Texturiser streamlines the grooming process, making it an indispensable choice for groomers who value both speed and quality. Elevate your grooming experience with the Texturiser – the key to achieving a beautifully softened finish with ease.