Is It Scary to Groom a Difficult Dog?

The question of whether it is difficult to groom a scary dog is going to change depending on the groomer that has been asked and their level of expertise.

Nothing is tougher to groom than a worried or anxious dog since their behaviour becomes less predictable and because dogs are live animals and do have free will to think and react on their own emotions.

You would be surprised to learn how many dogs are afraid of or uncomfortable during grooming. The causes can vary, but our groomers always try to build a positive relationship with the troubled dog and learn what their concerns are and what they might not like about the grooming process so we can change it.

In cases where a dog is fearful or hostile, light sedation may be advised in order to relax them and make the situation easier for them. But most of the time, we handle these pets by employing expert methods to produce a quiet and supportive groom.

Please make sure to let us know before booking in any aggressive or short tempered pets.

Our 16:00pm dog grooming club is for nervous and aggressive dogs. The kind of dog that may refuse to be groomed by owners or other pet grooming salons and needs an experienced groomer.

There are many reasons why dogs are nervous or aggressive. Some of these reasons are health issues, anxiety, separation anxieties, breeding related issues, previous rough handling or discomfort from tools, sensitivity to sound from tools or equipment utilised, and underlying pain issues that haven’t been diagnosed.

We always like to work with the owner for a better understanding and outcome as they may not always get the haircut they want. Some haircuts are not suitable for some dogs. Some dogs are better with the owner present and some are better without. We try to work around these challenges to find a solution for you and your pet.

The Absolutely Animals team are experienced groomers and if they are nervous of a difficult dog they hide it well. The team will use handling aids to avoid being bitten but sometimes dogs will need to come into the salon already muzzled for the safety of the groomer.

You must notify the team if your dog has any medical or health issues so we can prepare a plan to suit your dog.