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“I did my grooming course in Absolutely Animals and it’s the best place ever, the whole team were lovely and helpful. I’ve leant how to groom dogs to a very high standard which pays off now as I  work on my own and get busier and busier every day. Heidi and Christine are so professional and supportive, as they want us to do our best. I also attended the Cleany Teeth seminar and that was brilliant too. Heidi explained everything very clearly and Christine demonstrated it very well.
I highly recommend all services provided by Absolutely Animals and I’d like to thank all of them for supporting me throughout the course and I’m now in my best job ever.”
Kamila Poniatowska 2019

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  • In all our main grooming courses we are teaching you to Groom for a Living, which includes bathing, drying and styling of the dog. Grooming Courses include the City and Guilds qualification pathway for dog groomers. (Level 2 and level 3) which are offered holistically.
  • Our tutors are all level 3 Diploma Qualified and they have a fantastic support team to make your time welcoming,  comfortable and happy.
  • Our grooming courses are developed and overseen by Heidi Anderton LCGI ICMG an International Certified Master Groomer – You couldn’t ask for a better foundation in your career of dog grooming.
  • We also teach professional dog groomers who wish to further their qualifications and skills in certain areas: for example hand stripping, scissoring, handling etc..
  • All our students receive practical dog grooming in a commercial environment onsite, with a robust theory programme running alongside it, which is to be completed mostly at home.
  • What makes us different from a college setting? – Our tutors have been teaching for over 30 years and are also International award-winning groomers who have a wealth of additional skills and tricks of the trade, to pass on to you which are not in the qualifications. We will teach you the most up to date skills required to groom for a living, this takes place in a normal commercial salon environment, with a flexible plan of dates to suit you so you can fit the course around home commitments. Hands-on grooming is balanced with a robust theory programme.
  • We have a wide selection of breeds and pets with wide ranges of requirements for you to learn on. Big and small we groom them all.
  • We will teach you how to groom professionally and to owner specifications, handling all kinds of pet personalities and temperaments and making clear judgement calls on matted or unusual subjects, so when you leave, you can do the same.
  • We normally only have 5/6 students grooming in each session so you will have complete guidance and support in small classes.
  • You can come to us to learn to groom your own pet.
  • We offer flexible training for adults, so you can choose which day’s you come to train. We are open from Tuesdays to Saturday for grooming lessons. You can come 1 to 5 days per week, you choose to suit your lifestyle. These days will be identified, agreed and booked on the application. Call us to discuss your individual requirements.
  • Our students usually leave to set up their own dog grooming business’s or go straight into employment and you can do the same!
  • Whatever your practical or academic level we can help you to achieve your goal.
  • Look through the website and give us a call or send us an email to discuss your individual requirements.
  • Our grooming courses are designed for individuals and we can tailor the course to suit you.
  • We welcome students from across the UK, Ireland and countries from across the world, at all levels.
  • We work to fulfil your individual requirements and as such present the course content as a guide. We also reserve the right to change course content as necessary.
  • Students are required to attend from 9:00am till 4:30pm on all courses – however, we can be flexible under prior arrangement

Main Tutors

Principal – Heidi Anderton LCGI  with Prada 

“We continue our own development and invest in our school to deliver to our students an individual learning plan. We teach current techniques and use the most up to date equipment. We only offer the well recognised City and Guilds qualifications  inclusive in our courses as well as teaching you the tricks of the trade which aren’t included in the qualifications but which come from years of practice.

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and relaxing place to learn, which inspires and builds confidence in all our learners and we welcome you to be part of that.

We support our learners every step of the way throughout their course and throughout their new career or hobby.” Heidi Anderton LCGI ICMG

Heidi has the highest accolades in the grooming industry and is a founder member of the British Isles Grooming Association. She is also a qualified Dog and Cat Groomer, Teacher, Assessors and Internal Quality assurer. Heidi is also an official International Certified Master Groomer

At Absolutely Animals you really do learn from proven dog grooming professionals. You leave with the ability to groom dogs safely and effectively.


chrisettiChristine Anderton with Etti

“I have been working at Absolutely Animals since I was very young. I love dog grooming and making the dogs feel fabulous.

I am a multi International award winning groomer. I won the Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year in 2011 and have gone on to take 1st place in several Poodle and Terrier classes. I also won 1st place in a competition in Holland and 3rd in the Champion class in Belgium at Groomania.

I love teaching as it is a great opportunity to be able to pass on my skills to others and i enjoy seeing the learners accomplish their skills to start a business. It is wonderful to be able to help make changes in peoples lives.

I take my role very seriously and am level 3 City and Guilds qualified in dog grooming as well as holding a teaching and assessing award” Christine Anderton


Dog Grooming

Nicole with a customers Pomeranian.

“I have been working Absolutely Animals for the past 3 years, I love spending time with the dogs and making them look pretty and healthy, it’s great to have such a fun job and being part of a great team teaching learners from across the world, dog grooming for a living.” Nicole Whittle

Nicole has been working at Absolutely Animals for the past 3 years and is a keen animal lover.

Nicole has already passed her level 2 and level 3 in dog grooming. Nicole also has a level 3 teaching certificate. With her cheery smile and fun loving character, Nicole is always on hand to help.

See the Tutors accolades here:

Absolutely Animals – would give it 6 stars if I could. Super Dog Grooming School
“I started and completed the 22-day Gold Course at Absolutely Animals at the end of 2017 and cannot recommend them highly enough. The practical experience starts on day one under the expert guidance of Heidi and Christine, supported by their excellent staff, Kay in particular is brilliant. They have a huge client base and no two days are the same. The course is also designed to facilitate you to start your own business. I started my own business www.mrpawsandclaws.com as soon as I completed the course and what I found really helpful was the additional information and advice they provide, the tricks of the trade and what the best products and equipment to use are, most of which they can source for you at very competitive prices. I have happy clients and this is thanks to Absolutely Animals and the great team who trained me. If you are looking for a grooming course, or indeed are looking for a groomer for your dog, look no further – you’ve found the right place.”  Karl Merrick 2017


 ” I was looking for a career change and wanted to train as a professional dog groomer. I am very pleased I chose Absolutely Animals as my grooming school.
The whole atmosphere in the school is very friendly and you feel welcome.
I was not very confident at the start of the course, but Heidi and Christine helped me to build my confidence. They guided, encouraged and supported me in my learning from day one. They were always happy to answer any questions I had and always willing to share their valuable knowledge with me and the other students. It was nice to feel that no one was judging you, but supporting and helping you to develop your grooming skills whilst creating an enjoyable environment to learn in. Heidi and Christine were always there for me even after the course had finished. I could always call and ask for advice, which is really nice and important.
I have absolutely no regrets I did this course and that I did it with Christine and Heidi. I would highly recommend Absolutely Animals for anyone who wants to become a professional groomer, receive a high quality education and enjoy the whole experience”. Inara Pavare 2017

“I absolutely loved my time at Absolutely Animals. Heidi, Christine and Kay have been of the upmost support, I have laughed until I cried, learned things I can’t believe I now know, and developed as a person. I have come out of the course devastated to leave Absolutely Animals yet feeling prepared and supported for my future and know I will always have help and advice at hand. I can not recommend the team here more for their incredible skill, patience, knowledge and their general disposition. I feel extremely privileged to have been trained by Heidi & Christine.”   – Sophie Foxton Ray  2016

“To the girls at Absolutely Animals – Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. I cannot believe i have completed. I will be back for more soon. You are by far the best school and i will be forever grateful for everything and highly recommend you to all ” – Rosie  Munson  2016

“Dear Heidi and Absolutely Animals team. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience at my taster day yesterday. It has confirmed to me that this is definitely what i want to be doing for my future career and that Absolutely Animals is where i would like to learn. I will be in contact early next week to book my course. Thank you again and i look forward to seeing you soon!”– Carole Cooper 2015

“I enjoyed every minute of this course and learned a lot through ought the process. Im happy for choosing a high standard training school and highly recommend Absolutely Animals to anyone who wishes to become a dog groomer. Thanks to Heidi and Christine for their precious lessons and support. I had a fantastic time and preparation to start a new career”  – Claudia Colen 2015

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Do you want to become a dog Groomer? Spending the day doing what you love?

If you’ve always been an animal lover, then becoming a dog groomer might be the next step for you to take

In these courses, you’ll discover everything you need to become a professional dog groomer. You’ll learn how to groom different breeds, how to find customers, and how to set up a salon (whether at home, in a van, in a shop or home visits)

Is there a demand for dog groomers?

No matter what area you live in, people need their pets kept clean. Some owners don’t have the time or inclination to see to their pets coat requirements and so are willing to pay for this service

The dog groomer is there to do a job that can be done by only a select few and you can become one of them.

Is there much competition?

When you drive around your local area you’ll see a few people who are already in the dog grooming business. But have you ever called and tried to get a pet into one of these busy places?

It’s often impossible without making an appointment weeks in advance! There are simply not enough dog groomers to go around…Many more owners are becoming aware of the need to have their dog groomed and the benefits it brings.

As well as teaching you the techniques to give a better hairstyle than your competitors we will be showing you how to reach out to dog owners, and telling you about special marketing techniques that will drive people to your salon.

You’ve several options for success

Home-based business: Dog grooming is very flexible. For example, you can start with a home-based business, working from your garage or spare room. That means lower costs – so it’s a great way to start.

Mobile grooming: Alternatively, you can set up a mobile grooming business in a van or in their own home. This is an excellent way to meet the needs of customers, at low-cost. There are many senior citizens who can’t get out of their homes, and whose pets desperately need grooming.

You can drive to their home, set up in the driveway or in the home and in just an hour have their pet looking its best. That way you provide a very convenient service.

Your own store: But if you’ve always dreamed of a store front at the local shopping centre, you can do that as well. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about opening your doors for business, fixing appointments and creating a safe environment.

What it’s like to be a dog groomer?

The tutors at Absolutely Animals have been grooming for over thirty years and are extremely well qualified and decorated. As well as teaching you the every day work of grooming they will also be sharing with you their experiences and skills you wont find anywhere else and you will learn a variety of tricks and secrets, all of which you’ll find ONLY in our courses this will give you a second to none learning experience.

Being a dog groomer can be hard work at times, but unlike many jobs, you have a lot of flexibility and you’ll have a sense of pride each day when you go home.

Despite all of the hard and physical work, there are great moments as well and nothing is nicer than turning a shaggy dog into a handsome hound and having a very happy dog giving you a sloppy kiss while you’ve finished grooming him.

Every day is different – and there’s never a dull moment

As your own boss, you don’t have to go clock in with a boss each day. Even if you choose to work in a business with other groomers, you’re often free to come and go as you please because you’re still in control of your own schedule. Other dog groomers know the type of flexibility that you’re looking for in this type of job, and they respect that.

You also have the ability to set your own pay and holidays. You set your own prices and rates for each type of pet and the skill of work carried out.

You can take on as many pets as you want in a day, depending on how much money you want to make, we advocate doing less dogs for more pay and creating the environment to make the grooming a nice experience for all concerned.

The dog grooming business can be your business, so the more you choose to work the more you earn. You can work as many or as few hours as you wish, it’s up to you. You can work 9-5 if you want or evenings and weekends, and you’ll never have to worry about it being boring.

Either way, you’re in control of your schedule and your salary, and there’s nothing better than that. And you definitely don’t have to worry about meeting a boss’s expectations, because you’re in control of your destiny.

Why choose this dog grooming course?

Our pet grooming course is designed to take you through the process of dog grooming step-by-step.

We’ll teach you all you need to know about the skills required, time and money-saving techniques, setting up shop, creating a safe environment for you and the pets, and how to manage your business to make money.

It’s structured to give you the right information that you will need and provides you with comprehensive documentation.

We are an approved City and Guilds Centre so we are continually standardised with an awarding body and the qualifications we offer are included in the national qualification framework. This means the levels are on par with other professional industries.

You’ll have a qualified and decorated professional dog groomer as your tutor so you will be sitting beside a proven expert all through the course. As well as qualified mentors who are also on hand to support when needed.

There are assignments in the pet grooming course for you to complete. You will also obtain our own manual on pet grooming that you just can’t find anywhere else. Plus, you have unlimited access to our library, as well as the other resources we offer.

You’ll also get assignments that will be confidentially marked by your assessor. They ensure that you’re on the right track to succeed.

And on completing the course you not only receive our own certificate but can also obtain a nationally recognised certification in the form of the City and Guilds accreditation.

We are a City and Guilds Approved Centre

Our course’s are fully accredited by City and Guilds and we have undertaken to conform to their terms : a code of practice designed to guarantee the highest standards of customer care and animal welfare.
You could be wasting your money not going to an accredited and award-winning school!

In our courses we are teaching you to the competence and skill of level 2/3 in the National Learning Framework and on completing our course you can receive the national award level 2 or Level 3 in dog grooming which serves as the first and second steps in the national qualification framework in dog grooming

You’ll get to watch professionals at work and the handling experience is second to none. We advocate only kind treatment of dogs here. We invite you to come and see how we do it and to meet the students already present on the course.


We realise this is a costly investment and have taken every opportunity to keep the costs down for our training and maximise the learning on our intensive courses. This also reflects in the unique starter pack which is of good quality and has been carefully put together for you, so that you may, safely and productively groom dogs efficiently.

It’s time to get started

Having read this far, you’ve got what it takes – motivation. Now all you have to do is get started. Fill out the application form of interest now, because this is where the adventure and rewards begin.

You’ve waited long enough – why wait any longer? Go ahead and do something for yourself, to make your dreams a reality. It’s easy to start: I’ve done it and have never looked back.

1.  Call us to check the availability calendar for dates to suit yourself, fill out the application form and you will be contacted to discuss any requirements and the application process.

2. Or you can give us a call directly so we can discuss this personally on 020 8857-2888

We look forward to helping you succeed

With best wishes,

Heidi Anderton LCGI ICMG

“EARN AFTER YOU LEARN” With employment

We have salons that will take our learners in employment, working alongside their fabulous teams

These opportunities are open to successful learners from ‘Absolutely Animals’ Grooming School.

You must have completed an ‘Absolutely Animals’ course.

• Get paid work in a salon while you go on to perfect the craft.
• Practice what you have been learning alongside a professional team.
• Get to know fabulous teams and make friends in the industry.
• Opportunities for further development & experience with the chance of a permanent positions.

Successful candidates must have an open, happy and positive outlook to learning and be totally driven towards a hard-working career within Dog Grooming.

Open to candidates at all levels of their learning but must ultimately be looking to complete the level 3 City and Guilds course.


“My time at Absolutely Animals has been so enjoyable! At first I was very apprehensive especially because I was so young, however everyone was so supportive and they’ve helped me gain a lot of confidence. The atmosphere is so welcoming and I’ve definitely had an unforgettable experience here. I’m so glad I chose Absolutely Animals and would like to thank Heidi, Christine, Jane and Kay for everything. ”   – Louisa Dodd 

“After deciding to change career, I researched many grooming courses. The recommendations I read for Absolutely Animals really stood out from the others. My course is now well under way and I am very happy with the choice I made. The training is second to none, Heidi and Christine really know their stuff, they explain procedures extremely clearly and are very patient when bombarded with lots of questions! All of the staff (Jane and Kay) are so warm and welcoming. I am doing the Platinum course of 32 days and am looking forward to starting my new career as a dog groomer with the confidence that I have had the best training.   – Denise Sacker 

“The reason i chose Absolutely Animals was because after comparison i felt that this course offered more variation of breeds to practice on and also i wanted the formal City and Guilds qualification to help me set up my business. It has proved to be just that. There is also theory support and it has been flexible, friendly and enjoyable. There are students there of all ages and i have left feeling inspired as well. I thoroughly recommend this course to others ” – Michelle Peachy