Dog Grooming Price List

Dog Grooming Price list

Absolutely Animals have been in business for more than twenty years, with staff who have more than 50 years grooming experience.

We have groomed and styled hundreds of dogs in that time and have broken down the dog grooming price list, so you can see, you are only being charged for the work carried out on your dog.

We aim to keep prices as competitive and as realistic as possible.

To keep the costs down of your pets professional styling have a look at the home page and the benefits, grooming your dog at home will have.


Quoted on dogs in good condition

Bath, Dry & Tidy

Coat removal/Clip & Scissor

Full body Hand Scissor

Hand strip ( Bath included)

Ultra Skin SPA Bath

Small Dog

(e.g.Chihuahua to Miniature Poodle size)

from £45-£55

from £45-£55

from £55-£65

from £60-£80


Medium Dog

(e.g. Cocker Spaniel to
Labradoodle size)

from £55-£65

from £55-£65

from £65-£85

from £70-£100


Large Dog

(e.g. Retriever to Mountain Dogs size)

from £65-£100

from £65-£150

from £85-£150

from £90-£150


Please note there is a £45 minimum charge

 All services include a bath, dry, brush, comb, nail trim and ear clean as required.

All prices are quoted on a basic groom. Quotes apply to a dog which is in good coat condition, with no knots or matts, good behaviour and a normal weight.

Dog prices are determined by weight, size, condition and style.

Please see additional services:

Additional Services

  • Flea Bath – £10 – £40
  • Walk in Nail Trim – £20
  • Walk in Face Trim, feet and rear – from £20
  • Difficult/Aggressive behaviour/over weight – £5 – £30
  • Knot Removal – £10- £50
  • Learn to groom and comb your own dog as a professional – £20 for half an hours lesson
  • Learn to groom/clip your own dog – from £75 for you plus the cost of your dog

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Important Information

  • For the safety of the staff and your Pet, Absolutely Animals requires that you disclose when booking if your dog exhibits or is prone to any difficult or aggressive behaviour.
  • The minimum charge for a dog grooming appointment is £45
  • All prices quoted are an estimate and can be subject to change dependant on the circumstances
  • Please note a £20 deposit is required on all dogs
  • Please see our terms and conditions