Aeolus TD-901T Cyclone Dog Blaster Dryer

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Save time and effort during drying with this portable blaster

Variable speed and velocity

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Aeolus TD-901T Cyclone Dog Blaster Dryer

The new Aeolus Cyclone TD901T blaster dryer is the new improved, energy saving TD901T and is probably the world’s most powerful single motor blaster dryer – it out performs every dryer tested against it including Metro, B-air, Double-K and many others!!

Super Blow Force: New Launched 52mm diameter hose system and highly improved motor, give the user a much higher blow force of 605 grams, which is an increase of 45%, and an unmatched wind speed of 60m/s, which is an increase over previous model by 40%.

Motor Life Span : Longer carbon brush of 38mm, which is the longest currently on the market, and smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotor, give the TD-901T a longer lifespan by 30% compared to the previous model, up to 2400 hours.
Energy Savings : A better air flow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed TD-901T to perform at a higher energy efficient ratio. The TD-901T, 1200 watt motor, outperforms a 1600 watt dryer currently on the market, thus allowing for a 30% savings in energy consumption.

Just One Click Patented Nozzle Connection System. An easy to use attachment system has been patented for the new dryers including TD-901T TD9-01ST TD-900XT which allows the operator to remove the nozzle head with just one finger with a simple click of the attachment.


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