TD-905 Wall-hanging Dryer

£750.00 inc VAT

Maintenance free brushless motor, does not require oiling or greasing on the internal parts.

Energy efficient, economic to run.

Extremely quiet, lower than 40 db.

Fashionable shape designed by Italian master designer.

ABS body compartment, resistant to harsh chemicals and scratches.

Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment.



The Wall-hanging Dryer (codenamed TD-905) has maximum wind speed of exit is as high as 38m/s  along with variable wind and temperature control.

It’s durable hanging arm can be lifted and lowered thousands of times to adjust it’s temperature range which is from 25℃ (77F) to 75℃ (167F).

– Double layer heating housing prevents over-heating.

-The outlet tube is made from heat resistant PPS material, resisting over 260℃ (500F) temperature.

-Advanced tourmaline brushes generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture and help tame unruly hair and help straighten curly coats.



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