Dog | Clip and Scissor

Dog Grooming Clip and Scissor

We use the art of clipping and scissoring to offer an attractive and maintainable hairstyle for your dog.

These quick and simple techniques can be used for all breeds and types with a long coat.

This style requires a weekly grooming maintenance at home and is available to pets in reasonably good coat condition.

Please bring your dog in every 4-6 weeks for this groom.

This service also includes 2 warm wet washes, an all over body massage, a groom through removing all that old hair and debris and a conditioning treatment.

FROM £55

Add a Special Occasion Spa treatment for ONLY £5


A Teeth Cleaning Session from as little as £40


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Complimentary bow and cologne spray for every pet.


Mr Snow

” Hello, my name is Mr Snow and I have been coming to Absolutely Animals since 2013. Everyone is so nice and gentle although my favourite person is Christine. Whilst I look as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, I can be very naughty and it is Christine who keeps me in check. She also gives me a WICKED Westie Cut which makes me look ever so handsome as the photos show! I am also very full of myself! My Mummy tells all my Woofie Friends (& being so good looking I naturally have many…) to come to Absolutely Animals for a fabulous wash, cut and blow dry with extra cuddles included. A year ago my Mummy rescued another West Highland White. Needless to say I was instrumental in the decision making process! Her name is Bubbles (it’s my mummy’s favourite drink but I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that) and she is the cutest thing ever. When she first came to Absolutely Animals she was frightened and nervous. Everything was new to her but with gentle coaxing, loads of cuddles, patience and quiet encouragement by everyone there, she has overcome her fear and now walks in for her grooming session as if she owns the joint! I hate admitting it but thanks to the grooming skills of Absolutely Animals, Bubbles afterwards looks like a movie star, bearing no resemblance to the poor little girl we rescued 12 months ago from a Puppy Farm!