Why Become a Dog Groomer?

    Starting a career as a dog groomer has a multitude of benefits:

  • Do something you love – One of the main benefits of becoming a dog groomer is that you’ll have a career which you truly love. There’s nothing more rewarding as a dog-lover than spending all day with four-legged pooch’s.. and getting paid for it too.
  • Work for yourself – Many business owners say that becoming your own boss is the secret recipe for happiness. You’ll have full control over your business and a flexible schedule to go with it.
  • Handsome Salary – If you’re working for yourself, you’ll have the benefit of being able to set your own prices. Once you become more experienced and build a list of clients, you’ll be able to charge more for in-demand services.
  • Meet Amazing People – Working as a dog groomer means you’ll come into contact with people (and dogs) from all walks of life. As you develop, you’ll build relationships with your clients which can last a lifetime. By signing up for one of our courses, you’ll also meet people with similar interests to you. We love to stay in touch with so many of our past students!
  • Ability to Educate – As a qualified dog groomer, you’ll be in a position to educate and inform dog owners. A customer will find it immensely rewarding if you pass on tips such as the best way to trim nails and how to properly wash their pooch.