Cat Groom Out


We groom all cats.

Short haired, long haired and semi-long haired


We use several types of comb, brush and skilled techniques to remove all the dead hair and dander from your cats coat.

You will be surprised at how much coat will actually come out. (see the pictures below)

However if the coat is knotty or matted body clipping may be necessary.

Only combs were used in these pictures

cat grooming
cat grooming
Freshly groomed cat

Useful Information

  • We recommend to resist any cutting of the coat if possible as not only does it spoil the natural beauty of the cat but it causes the hair to grow back thicker and longer, and sometimes can stunt the regrowth!
  • Matted hair is uncomfortable for a cat and needs to be clipped from the cat by a professional
  • Never use scissors on a cat, their skin is extremely loose and thin and can be cut easily
  • If left mats will restrict movement of the cat and tear the hair out of the skin
  • Once matting is removed damaged skin is often uncovered where hair has been pulled out.
  • After matt removal please discuss with our groomer a future grooming plan to avoid further matting.
  • Regular grooming avoids matting, keeps the skin healthy and makes cats happy.
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