Why take your dog to a groomer?

Why take your dog to a groomer?

We humans regularly wash ourselves in the shower, brush our teeth, put on creams and oils to help our skin and hair. Your dog is no different and has needs of its own that can be delivered by grooming regularly.

A dogs coat is important and keeping it maintained is essential for a healthy dog and life style. A dog may have up to two coats of fur depending on its breed. The undercoat of fur is for insulation to keep the dog warm, whilst the outer top coat is for protecting the dog with stiff guard hairs that repel water and shield from dirt. Your dog’s coat releases natural oils and these can be aerated and spread across the coat during the grooming process.

A dog with two coats is often described as having a fur coat, where a single coat dog is referred to as a hair coat, which comprises of just the guard hairs. Some breeds of dogs can grow very thick top coats that need to be groomed to help assist with shedding and removal.

During the grooming process, the groomer will be checking you dog over and may observe any problems with the fur like matting, as well as any skin issues, infections or injuries that you may not have been aware of.

Dogs teeth are also an important factor when grooming your dog. At Absoultely Animals, we are leading the way with the latest in teeth cleaning technology with the Cleany Teeth Ultrasound Teeth Cleaner! Cleaning your dogs teeth with help remove plaque and tartar build up, which makes need rot and cause infections like gingivitis. A dog’s mouth is full of bacteria just like humans, and that bacteria will feed on the food stuck on and inbetween your dogs teeth. This bacteria grows and eventually turns into plaque.

You can now book a grooming session online via our Grooming Booking page or read more about dog grooming on wikipedia