Cat | Panel and Sanitary Trim

Cat Panel & Sanitary Trim

These techniques are a great way to maintain a semi long haired or long haired coat. Especially if your cat is prone to matting underneath or is sensitive to grooming in this area.

Panel Trim – Clipping from under the arms down the soft belly and groin area

Sanitary trim – Clipping around the genitals and the rear area

The cost will depend on the severity of the matting and the temperament of the cat.

Cat Groomers

Useful Information

  • Matted hair is uncomfortable for a cat and needs to be clipped from the cat by a professional
  • Never use scissors on a cat, their skin is extremely loose and thin and can be cut easily
  • If left mats will restrict movement of the cat and tear the hair out of the skin
  • Once matting is removed damaged skin is often uncovered where hair has been pulled out.
  • After matt removal please discuss with our groomer a future grooming plan to avoid further matting.
  • Regular grooming avoids matting and makes cats happy.



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