Show and Competition Grooming

Dog Grooming for Competitions and Shows (Higher Qualification Courses)

Learning to groom for a dog competition or show requires a more specialised course where you can develop your knowledge and skills in coat styling and training. At Absolutely Animals, we offer higher qualification courses for dog groomers to improve on these specifics.

In our Dog Show and Competition Grooming courses, our trained staff will help you with dogs’ coat styling and coat maintenance – something that’s really important to all show dogs. Proper coat maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis for optimum appearance on the competition date.

As a popular hobby in the UK, dog competitions and shows are increasing the popularity of dog grooming courses in this area. The course follows on from the Level 3 Diploma and focuses on improving salon skills and fulfilling the set breed standards.

If you’re interested in our Dog Competition Grooming courses or if you would like any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply fill out the application form, or email or call us and we will make an individual plan for you.