Platinum Courses

Platinum & Platinum PLUS Dog Grooming Courses

Read what the level 2 certificate involves with the official manual found here.

Ideal for those looking to start up their own business with no previous experience or skills, our Platinum Dog Grooming Course is an intensive course comprising of 32 days of practical tuition.

With our courses, you will learn all of the skills required to start up your own dog grooming and styling business. At Absolutely Animals, we make sure you get the training you need in a way that suits you entirely. Our flexibility means you can book your course days around any other commitments you may have, and ultimately achieve what is needed to begin a rewarding career in dog and cat grooming.

What it involves

Similar to our Gold Dog Grooming Course, our Platinum Grooming Course will teach you the knowledge and skills required to start up a successful dog grooming service.

The additional 10 days of the Platinum Dog Grooming Course make it the ideal choice for those looking to enrol on Level 2 or 3 but are less confident or have limited animal experience. The Platinum Course offers participants the chance to have more hands-on training and access to more dogs, helping them to build on experience and confidence.

What to expect:

With our Platinum Dog grooming course, you will follow a similar structure to our Gold Course. However, you will spend the extra 10 days with additional training in particular areas of dog grooming, including:

  • Finish – balancing, styling, and shaping
  • Handling and controlling more difficult dogs
  • Comparing and combining different equipment and techniques
  • Hair clipping and scissoring
  • Dog hair thinning and blending techniques
  • Hand stripping and rolling coats

Within the additional 10 days, you will also have the opportunity to groom a larger variety of dog breeds, as well as more opportunities to watch and participate in cat grooming.

Expected Level of Competence:

At the end of the course, you will be expected to have accomplished the knowledge and skills taught during the Gold Dog Grooming Course as well as some additional aspects, including:

  • Recognising and planning styling for any breed, with a clip and scissor or hand strip technique
  • Balancing the dog hairstyle from head to tail with a tidy result

At the end of the course, you will be able to receive our Platinum Dog Grooming Course certificate and your City and Guilds qualification or qualifications.

Great value for money:

As with all of our dog grooming courses, our Platinum Course offers fantastic value for money for those looking to pursue a dog or cat grooming career. All students will receive the highest standard of training and support over the 32-day period, as well as other additions, including:

  • A full starter pack
  • Level 2 and Level 3 assessment books
  • AA Grooming Manual
  • AA Styling Assessment
  • AA Styling Certificate
  • Online/written exam

Brief overview:

  • 32 days of on-site practical tuition and assessments
  • Tuition and qualification for the Level 2, plus trimming and styling dogs and the Level 3 Diploma (if you already have the Level 2, you can enrol on just the Level 3 instead).
  • Minimum of 8-16 days of home study.
  • Includes Animal First Aid online course by a vet.
  • This includes an online business course covering an introduction to starting a business, legal structures, writing a business plan, marketing plan, operations plan, financial plan, and support and resources like finding investors.
  • It includes equipment maintenance videos.

Platinum Plus

Read what the level 3 certificate involves with the official manual found here.

You may also read a mock paper test of the level 3 here.

The Platinum Plus is an upgrade to the Platinum course and offers a level 3 City and Guilds certification. Here is a list of important information below.

  • Level 2 must be completed before level 3. To bring your qualifications much higher, level 3 is a high standard of dog grooming (we provide the assessment books).
  • In our courses level 2 and level 3 are learned together so why not upgrade and complete your level 3 assessments?
  • An additional 5 days of assessments.

Our tutors will be with you every step of the way on your journey.

We make sure you have the correct tools for the right job.

Starter kits are included in the cost of the Gold and Platinum courses and are  yours to take home at the end of your course.

No.7F Blade
No.5F  Blade
Wahl Steel Comb Attachment Pack
Cordless Trimmer

Finishing Scissor
Thinning Scissor
Safety Scissor

Essential Tools
Large Flexi Slicker Brush
12″ Fine/Coarse Finishing Comb
6″ Fine/Coarse Comb
Fine & Coarse Stripping Knives

Nail Clippers

Grooming Apron

Absolutely Animals Manual