BTS-130E/131E Stainless Steel Electric Dog Baths

£1,599.00 inc VAT

The BTS-130E/131E is an electric-powered bath with the ability to move up and down as you see fit.

Construction information:

-Deluxe SUS304 Stainless Steel.
-Smart Folding Splash Guard Design
-Extensive lifting range, door access height adjusts from 10″ to 40″.
-Foldable Splash guard panels offer flexibility based on your needs.
-Easily manages small breeds (by raising the bath and adding platforms).
-Larger breeds or older dogs can stroll in and out when the bath is lowered.
-Water-resistant foot pedal controls make operating the bath easy.
-The gentle movement up and down does not startle pets.
-The Baths also come with stainless steel hair strainer, flexible drain hose, two bottom panels and one puppy booster.


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