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Cat Grooming: Additional Services

Flea Baths – Flea baths will kill the fleas on the cat but you will need to spray your house and introduce a regular flea repellent such as a spot on treatment.

Walk in Nail Trimming –  Come in any time without an appointment on a Tuesday or Saturday (Please call first to confirm)

Knot and Matt removal – We can remove the matts in your cats coat using various methods. The methods will depend on the severity of the knots and matting, the coat type and the tolerance of you cat. We will need to see your cat before we can advise you on the best methods, but we reserve the right to use the most humane method of knot and matt removal for your cat, as this can often change during the session..

Cats love to be groomed a few times a week, why not take a look at our shop for the latest Cat Accessories

Cat at groomers