Groom your own dog

Learn to Groom your Own Dog

tick Learn to trim, groom and bathe your own dog in a way to suit its coat type and personality.

Save your self grooming and vets fees by learning to groom your own pet.

One full day if you have a large or hand strip dog and half a day if you have a small dog

You will cover:

  • Basic health and safety for you and your dog during grooming, using the appropriate personal protective equipment and
    correct hygiene.
  • Health Check your dog, recognising changes in the body or external foreign bodies.
  • Brushing and Combing correctly for the coat type and character of your dog.
  • Washing and Drying using the correct shampoos, conditioners.
  • Learning grooming techniques appropriate for your dog. Clipping, scissoring, hand stripping or shaping.
  • Handling your dog during grooming and promoting it as a pleasurable process for you both
  • Groom Your Own Large Dog – One Day: £230 (A large dog is knee high upwards or one that needs 2 sessions worth of time to complete)
  • Groom Your Own Small Dog – Half a Day: £120

…….As a long term owner of ‘curly coated dogs’ and as I prefer to clip my own, – particularly those that have anxiety issues, I was keen to learn to do it properly. I chose ‘Absolutely Animals because although they were a fair distance from my home, offered exactly the training I was seeking, and the reviews on their website confirmed that I was making a good choice.
I selected an afternoon session, and took ‘Daisy’ one of my Bichon Frise, dogs, and was taken under the wing of ‘Kay’ who really knew her subject, and within minutes, I was aware of just some of the changes I would need to make, in order to perfect my own efforts, and become more proficient, when clipping their coats.
By the end of the session I had been given so much advice and training, as well as being able to lay claim to around half of the work on Daisy. I also had some one to one trimming advice from Heidi, (the boss!) and that too  was more helpful than I can put into words.
I am grateful for the session from the friendly team at Absolutely Animals, and pleased that all their help and advice will benefit my dogs (and myself) over the years to come.
Kind regards