Cleany Teeth – Toothpaste


What this product is for and what it supports? 

This is a toothpaste designed to be used with the ultrasound toothbrush included in our main kit. Please note, you gain this product in the main kit too which you can find here. We are also doing a special offer for the kit including a FREE toothpaste, which you can find here.

Further description is below and please read our disclaimer before buying.



This piece is included in the Clean Teeth Starter kit which is also available on our website!

This toothpaste is to clean your dogs’ teeth, it is not designed for human use. This is for the toothpaste only, for the main kit please look here and for our special offer please click this link here.

You will be able to clean your dog’s teeth within 60 seconds. You can also find our 3-sided brush (for medium/large dogs) here and our single brush (for small dogs) here.


It generally takes between 2-5 sessions to see the results explained on this pages. We recommend replacing any brush heads after three months of use regardless of their condition as the heads reduce quality after this time period.


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