Cat Body Clipping & Lion Trims

Body clipping can range from just a couple of areas to removing the whole coat.

Body clipping can be requested by the owner as a preference or because the coat is matted and requires clipping off.

Body Clipping – Removing just matts to save as much coat as possible. The coat left behind will usually cover the areas removed.

Partial Lion Trim – Removing all the panel/sanitary and body coat from the shoulders to the base of the tail

Full Lion Trim – Removing all the panel/sanitary and coat from the top of the neck to the base of the tail

Plume Tail – Leaving the whole tail from the base to the tip

Lion Tail – Clipping 2/3 of the tail and leaving the lion pom on the tip

On all trims, the hair on the legs will be left on – usually just below the elbow.


Only £20 additional to a full groom (£30 walk in)

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