Cleany Teeth – 2x Single Replacement Brushes

£20.49 inc VAT

Replacement small brush heads


If you love ultrasound technology for your oral hygiene, you need this deal on two replacement single brush heads!

The single brush head is specially designed for ultrasound cleaning. The brush head is easy to use and replace. Just snap it onto your ultrasound toothbrush handle and you’re ready to go. You can clean your teeth in just 60 seconds with no brushing motion required.

For optimal results, you should replace your brush head every three months or sooner if it looks worn or bent. This will ensure that you get the best cleaning performance and prevent bacteria buildup.

This deal gives you two replacement single brush heads for a great price! That means you can enjoy the benefits of ultrasound cleaning for longer. Order now and keep your teeth sparkling!

These replacement brush heads are used with the Cleany Teeth unit.

The box includes two brush heads in the one pack.

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Included in the Clean Teeth Starter kit available on our website!

This single sided brush head. This is for the replacement brush head only.

Teeth cleaning:

The Single Brush Head is an effective tooth cleaning product.  Comes with two replacement brush heads in one packet.

Please replace the Single Brush Head every three months of use. Even if the bristles do not look worn or bent, the cleaning effect will reduce with use.

You will be able to clean your  teeth within 60 seconds.



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