Cleany Teeth 2x 3-sided replacement brushes


Replacement 3-sided Heads (2 in a packet)

The 3-sided Brush Head is effective for medium-sized and large dogs.
This brush head is three-sided so cleans all surfaces of your dog’s teeth in one pass.
These replacement brush heads are used with the Cleany Teeth unit.
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Included in the Clean Teeth Starter kit available on our website!

Replacement three sided brush head.  To purchase the main kit please look here and for our special offer please click this link here.

Teeth cleaning replacement brush for medium/large dogs:

The Triple Brush Head is an effective tooth cleaning product for a medium-sized and large dog’s.

You can clean your dog’s teeth within 60 seconds.

Replace any brush heads after three months of use as brush heads reduce quality after this time period.

One piece is included in the Cleany Teeth for Dogs Starter Kit.

For the dental care of small dogs we highly recommend the use of our Single-sided Brush Head.

You can find the main kit here.


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