Teeth Cleaning

Introducing our newest service:

“Cleaning your dogs’ teeth”

This new service is provided on site using Ultrasound. Ultrasound cleaning is a new tooth cleaning technology, a state-of-the-art oral hygiene technology that performs better than manual toothbrushes. With this service, you can achieve the most effective dental hygiene for your dog; cleaning without movement, vibration or noise – is acceptable for all dogs.

Teeth Cleaning removes tartar and stains, freshens breath and is anti-bacterial with no harmful side effects.

Our teeth cleaning services

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  • Dogs will require 2-5 sessions.
  • 2 sessions are adequate for dogs with moderate tartar and staining.
  • You have the choice to buy your own brush head.
  • Just £40 per session.

Cleaning your dogs’ teeth provides the following advantages:

  • Fast and highly efficient, antibacterial deep cleaning
  • Tooth cleaning and tartar removal without anaesthetic risk
  • New plaque and tartar formation is prevented
  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise – a benefit for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Cleans where bristles cannot reach (e.g gum pockets, interdental spaces, deep fissures)
  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Lessens abrasion damage to teeth and lessens the irritation of the gums caused by abrasive particles in toothpaste
  • The antibacterial effect eliminates pathogenic bacteria on the teeth, gums and especially in the gum pockets
  • Reduces and prevents unpleasant mouth odours and caries (decay or crumbling of a tooth or bone)
  • Enables the immune system to focus on areas other than oral
  • Dental hygiene is performed in the comfort of your dogs’ groomers
  • Saving veterinary fees
  • No harmful side effects
  • Only a 30-minute session


Please note: Your dog must accept the mouth and teeth to be touched for us to be able to provide this service. Please try this at home before you book.