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Handstripping Dogs

Handstripping should be done on a 4-12 weekly basis but will depend on the individual coat, temperament and condition of the dog.

This method is common in the Terrier and Gundog breeds and maintains the colour and texture of the coat.

Dogs must have a suitable coat, temperament and condition for handstripping.

Commonly neutered dogs may not be suitable for handstripping as changes in hormones can affect the coat.

Handstripping can be uncomfortable for some dogs, if this is the case we will suggest a different technique for your dog. (handstrip simulation)

We do not usually bath hand strip areas straight after hand stripping as this technique leaves open pores once the hair has been removed.

Bathing afterwards can sometimes cause an infection in the hair follicle.

We recommend a bath 3 days before or after hand stripping has been carried out. (Bathing is not included in the hand stripping price)

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