Cat | Bath and Dry

Cat Grooming – Bath and Dry

2 warm wet washes, an all over body massage, hand dry and a groom through removing all that old hair and debris from the coat.

Bath and drying every 4-8 weeks dramatically improves the condition of your cat’s coat and reducing the need for intensive grooming at home.

  • Leave in conditioning treatment
  • Using only natural based products
  • Degreasing the coat

Please see Additional Services for:

Flea baths and Intensive conditioning and de-matting

Please not that bathing is not included in any of the other services and is an addition of £40

Bathing can only be carried out on compliant cats


Only £20 additional to a full groom ( £30 walk in)

Petlog – Lost Pet Microchip Reunification database and lost and found pet service

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